California Adventure Elopement: A Bride In Blue


I absolutely adore the idea of adventure elopements (& any elopements/intimate weddings for that matter)! You and your partner, secluded in nature, looking out at the most beautiful scenery. But, what I find most appealing is the quiet. Maybe its because I’ve lived in loud cities for too long, but getting out into the wild with my partner, and being surrounded by complete silence is the most at peace I can ever be.

And that moment, when you’re saying your “I do’s” should be exactly that. Peaceful, reflective, and completely about the two of you standing together and sharing in that moment.

We took Nikki out to Bald Rock Dome in Northern California for some bridal portraits. The modern design was the perfect complement to the clean lines of the boulders, and the stark Navy Blue Wedding Dress was the perfect contrast to the light scenery.

The images of Nikki in our Twilight Skirt and Bodice were beautifully captured by Sean Thomas Weddings - the sweetest husband and wife team of photographers that will make you feel instantly comfortable in front of a camera.

xoxo Sheila